Exams to some people are dreadful. It’s stressful and the format is constantly changing to separate the goat from the sheep… The competition is stiff, so they have to do something to make it more challenging and hence more stress on  the students. But i guess, you work for what you want. So i should stop complaining But after exams, come the time when you wait for results; The moment where you cry of joy or pain. The moment where the love ones call to ask how did you do, even though you haven’t heard a word from them in … Continue reading Exams

Chapter 2 (46-52)

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Page 46: Félicie and Aurélie continue on their shopping trip at a store where Aurélie offers to spoil Félicie with two new dresses. Félicie notes that ever since bringing home her report card, her mother has been very generous and kind to her. This displays Aurélie’s pride as a mother who’s enjoying her daughter’s success. However it must be taken into consideration that Félicie’s performance at school should be attributed to Man Ya. It’s because of a strong Caribbean upbringing and Man Ya’s hard work that Félicie the smart, well-educated young girl… Continue reading Chapter 2 (46-52)

Getting it done by all means

They say procrastination is the thief of time. Fine okay. But while that may be true, I’ll argue and say its just the matter that it’s not a priority for you. Or else, you would have started, you would have gotten it done. To be honest, I’m currently procrastinating the endless assignments that’s due my first week back out. I know I should start, which I have, but I’m not being consistent with it. Now, every time this happens to me, Every time I become too laid back, I remind myself why I’m doing this. Who I don’t want to … Continue reading Getting it done by all means

New Things, New Sayings

The year is almost over. We’re going into 2019. So I leave you with this; Stop giving CPR to dead situations If they aren’t worth it, Let Them Gooooooooooo.’ These dead situations, relationships, friendships are what stress us out. If you’re holding onto this rope tighter than your partner, Honestly? Let that rope gooooooo The constant “fight” causes stress and an unwavering discomfort that is not needed in your life. Enjoy your life and take control of situations once you can, if not, then leave it up to the Man upstairs. We live this one life and you never how … Continue reading New Things, New Sayings

Looking For Alaska

THERE’S SPOILERS, read at your own risk :))   This book was honestly really good. I don’t know if it’s just me but I had no idea the ‘BEFORE’ was leading up to Alaska’s death. Did not see that coming!  I was surprised and like Pudge and the Colonel, I was upsettttt. The worst was when the students and the faculty were all in the gym and the news dropped. That was heart wrenching I swear. Just like her friends in the book, I don’t know whether Alaska committed suicide to be honest because you could have looked at her … Continue reading Looking For Alaska

One life to live

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Sick of wasting time with things that don’t bring me happiness and positivity. I mean I’m gonna die someday, & that’s enough to be sad about. Really- all I want is a clear mind and a happy heart. To be around people who can give me that positive vibe that I need. No one wants to be in a negative atmosphere right. We can’t have a perfect life,we will have our ups and downs … that’s just life but i’m saying we can still make the most of it. We should make the most of it. ? Continue reading One life to live


Very important aspect to me. Forgiveness is taking out the knife out of your own back and not using it to hurt anyone else no matter how they hurt you. -stolen. It can be hard at times but so long you know that you are making an effort to do so, that is all that honestly matters. Right now I am in a situation where I honestly don’t want to be the one to apologize/ speak up first. Now, it could be because I don’t see what I did wrong which is why some people don’t ‘talk up first’ or … Continue reading Forgiveness